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Palliative Care for Pets in Niagara Falls

Our goal at Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre is to care for your terminally ill pet and to support you and your family as you make those difficult decisions for your pet’s well-being. Veterinary palliative care is an alternative medical option in which a decision has been made to withdraw curative therapy for a life-limiting illness in your pet. Palliative care can be an easier alternative instead of going ahead with premature euthanasia and as an alternative to prolonged suffering, resulting from either isolating a loving and social animal in intensive care or from inadequately treating the animal at home.

The most common circumstances that lead up to the decision to initiate palliative care include:

  • The diagnosis or progression of a life-limiting illness

  • The decision not to pursue curative therapy

  • The progression of disease symptoms, so that they interfere with the activities of daily living

Pets with Cancer or Organ Failure

Incurable cancer or organ failures are examples in which choosing veterinary palliative medicine is a good option. The first step is to create a palliative care plan with your veterinarian to discuss the development of the disease and how it will affect your pet’s quality of life. Looking at your pet’s lifestyle is crucial in creating a good and proper plan to go well with your pet’s daily living. Taking this into consideration, it will help you understand your pet’s life-threatening disease and what it means to have a good quality of life versus a poor quality of life, thus allowing you to establish the right goals for your palliative care plan.

At Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre, we believe in providing you with all of the knowledge and tools necessary so you and your family can develop a personalized palliative care plan that works for your loving pet, as death approaches.


How can palliative care make my pet more comfortable?

Pain management is the key factor when proceeding with palliative care. Using a combination of varied coping approaches such as medication and non-medication techniques helps achieve maximum comfort for your pet. Supplements can be used to help cope with pain along with:

  • Medical acupuncture. It can release painful trigger points in muscles and reduce abnormal nervous system activity.

  • Massage can be performed by a trained provider, but many massage techniques can also be taught for use at home.

  • Therapeutic laser provides an opportunity to modulate the nervous system to reduce pain. Laser also increases circulation and decreases inflammation.

  • Chiropractic adjustment, used to restore movement in the skeleton where restrictions have occurred, may be a technique that can help.

  • Physical therapy provides several additional strategies for maintaining mobility and preventing and managing pain.


End-of-life Care for Pets

Coping with the loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will face. This is why we make the effort to assist you in determining the appropriate time for this final transition. Euthanasia is the act of love towards your furry friend because it ends the painful illness or condition that is no longer tolerable, as your pet’s quality of life continues to diminish. We are here to help you and answer any questions during this difficult time.

In this procedure, your pet would be injected with a sedative to calm them, followed by a special medication. Your pet would experience no awareness or pain during their peaceful end.

End of Life Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Having a home-based euthanasia procedure can help provide both you and your pet with the most comfortable and familiar setting. This case can help pets who suffer from high anxiety or pets who cannot walk or be easily transported. At-home euthanasia allows easy access for a family to have a more personal and intimate ceremony among family and friends.

For more information regarding palliative care or end-of-life care for your pet, get in touch with us. We are here to help during any stage of your pet’s life.

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