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We know your pet is an important member of your family because we’re pet lovers too! That’s why we want to make sure your pet has a happy, healthy life.

Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre: Veterinarians in Niagara Falls Since 1974

Your pets are more than simply animals — they’re beloved members of your family. That’s why at Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre, our veterinarians make it our mission to provide them with the experienced medical care they deserve. Each pet has his own unique medical needs, but all pets need to have healthy teeth, gums, weight, and joints and much more in order to live well. They need to be free of parasites as well. For routine appointments, vaccinations, and more, we’re committed to keeping your furry loved ones happy and healthy. We’re animal lovers and owners too, so nothing makes us happier than seeing their friendly tail wags and hearing their contented purrs!


Our veterinarians serve all species of pet patients such as:

Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre
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Guinea Pigs
...and all other pets!

Personalized Veterinary Services

If you’re concerned about your pet’s dental health, diet, or energy level, you can speak to our veterinarian to get personalized recommendations. Even behavioral concerns can sometimes be caused by underlying medical issues. For example, if your friendly dog has started to nip whenever he is touched, he may actually be in pain due to a medical condition. Treating the underlying condition should help correct the behavior. That’s where we come in. We’ve served the Niagara Falls Region since 1974.

Visiting the Vet

If your pet behaves badly in stressful situations, a vet visit can be an ordeal. Being surrounded by unfamiliar animals and strange smells and sounds can be scary. However, regular veterinary checkups are important, and there are things you can do to help your pet cope. Encourage your pet to associate our office with good things by bringing him in from time to time just for cuddles and treats. 


Speak to our staff for more tips on keeping your pet calm and comfortable in our office.


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